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Dear Mr. Strong,
Several years ago I owned a 1968 280 SL Mercedes Roadster.  It was an exceptional automobile and I thought it would be nice to have an "official" appraisal to validate what I felt the value was.  I certainly was fortunate to have selected an expert in this area.  I had no idea that because my 280 SL was officially and expertly appraised, that when disaster struck, in the form of a large cedar tree, which in a violent storm, was cast upon my automobile, that my insurance company would have been so cooperative.  They expressed to me that had I not had your complete appraisal, with photos and detailed descriptions, they would not have been able to compensate me as they did.
As much as I was upset that I had to lose "My Baby", at least I had not lost any money.
I subsequently have found another perfect 280 SL and you were certainly the first person I contacted.
It is my sincere hope that nothing befalls my new automobile, but if it should, I have the assurance that with your appraisal I am fully protected.
Thanks so much for your help.
Leonard R. Giordano
Inverness, FL
Dear Bill,
Thanks for a great, complete and extremely informative appraisal on the '59 red Cadillac convertible and the free information on the pink one.  I don't think I'll get either one of 'em, but I'll keep looking and I hope I find something in Florida so that I can have you appraise it for me.  Your knowledge and experience saved me some money!
You can use my name and/or this letter as a reference any time you wish.
George J. Skora
Des Plaines, IL
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