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The below article was printed about us in the AutoPages.

"Beyond the Shadow of a Doubt...

The Value of Car Appraisals"

If something happened to your car today, would you be confident you'd recover its true value?  You would if you'd secured a certified, stated-value appraisal for it!
The appraisal calls for a physical inspection which is based on the overall condition of the vehicle.  It takes into account the mileage and the use or abuse that the car has had, said Mr. Strong, owner, Suncoast Appraisals.
"It's a service that does not cost, it pays.  In the long term it can pay off sometimes double-fold," Strong explained.  Surprisingly, the fee for such an appraisal is nominal.  Of course, the appraisal's economical fee and overall worth have new meaning when there is a loss.
However, a person doesn't need to wait until it's too late; in fact anyone may request an appraisal, including individuals, lawyers, insurance agents, tax accountants and bankers.
Regardless of who requests the appraisal, there are several facts a consumer needs to know.
A properly-conducted appraisal includes photographs from the car's right-front side and the left-rear.  The importance of this feature comes to light, he said, at the time somebody reviews the appraisal:  They then have knowledge - at the time of that appraisal - of what kind of physical damage, if any, existed previously.
"Everything we do has to be realistic because we are court-appointed witnesses," he said.
Details of the appraisal include: the identification of the car's year, make, model, vehicle information number (VIN), engine size, optional equipment, transmission, actual mileage, mechanical condition, tires' condition, chrome, glass, finish, vinyl top, convertible top and the car's interior.
The appraisal is completed with a disclosure of the appraiser's source of data (private and national publications used and the local competitive market analysis.)  Finally, a "special comments section" identifies whether the vehicle is rare and collectable, gives the car's current market value and states whether the car is 100% original or restored and if it has had any prior physical damage.
Additionally, independent appraisers are bonded and insured; their credentials include the fact that they have extensive libraries containing many books that reference the history and worth of automobiles; most have had experience as full-time collectors and auto buyers.  In addition, they are qualified, expert court witnesses.  Strong has said he fits into all those categories.
When a person couples the appraiser's credentials with the extensiveness of the appraisal, it is easy to see that a win-win situation is created.  Certainly, it is a way to prove and see to it that you or someone else's investment reflects its realistic value.

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